Sunday, August 18, 2013

First Sunday - Again

It felt like a first Sunday all over again. We attended chapel one week, traveled to TX over the next two Sundays, and were back at Beale THIS Sunday. Michael preached. Stacia was looking forward to Children's Church...but she'd been throwing up the night I told her she needed to stay home. Arielle drew the short straw and stayed home too.

This was fellowship Sunday (not sure what it's really called) and lunch was served after chapel. We enjoyed the chance to visit a bit more with some of the lovely folks who attend chapel. OK - so lunch was chili cheese dogs - which I love but can't I had fruit at the lunch and came home and made myself a fantastic eggplant/roasted pepper/onion/mushroom panini.

Michael went to a dorm dinner in the evening. I went along and visited the Launderette. I REALLY wanted to find an off base option that would be clean, have air conditioning and more than four functioning washers....BUT we have one car and need to maximize our gas usage. Off I went...

When I arrived a gentlemen I'd met on our last trip to the launderette (and at the gym) greeted me. He helped load the mounds of laundry inside. He surprised me by remembering our trials with yip and yap. We had a good laugh and I explained why I don't think calling the police is our best option.
This happy fellow kept me company - I decided not to disturb him. Michael had a different plan when he arrived to catch a ride home.

Eight loads of laundry, $17.25 later...we headed for home...and got stopped for a random vehicle check. WOW those skeeters are BAD at night at the Wheatland gate. I felt bad for the guards...they felt bad for us...we had no skeetter spray and were NOT covered. ::ouch::

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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