Monday, April 27, 2009

Prayers Please & News

Prayer Request: I got out of my recliner this a.m. to head to the gym and something "tweaked and twinged" in my knee. This is fairly normal for my 45 year old body. Instead of doing the ARC at level 19 - I went for level 8 - 11. I tried to bump to 13 - 14 and my knee screamed. I knew when I got off the machine I would need heat today..... Working out regularly when you are over 45, at a level that will raise cardio, does seem to result in fairly regular twinges in one's knees.....Jamin suggested it's time for me to settle for Water Aerobics. ::snort:: I've had to sit with heat/ice and ibuprofen all day. This is NOT a good time for me to be unable to get around. Though, it may give me time to sit and work on photos. (Today we finished our Japanese Lapbook). I'm disappointed to miss tonight's SACHSA Tea - but if I want to be able to teach tomorrow night and attend the chapel tea etc...I'd better pay attention to the ole' knee.

Mike finalized tickets to Tokyo today. We'll leave at 1:00 p.m. on the 5th of July and arrive at 3:30 p.m. on the 6th. We laughed as they gave us ONE travel day - they'll amend that. Mike needs to talk to a different office to get us from Tokyo to Misawa. ::snort::

We'll have packers in here the week of 11 May. I met a lady named Angel online. She's a PWOC lady who saw my name on an email somewhere and then heard I was moving to Misawa. She's a chaplain's wife who was in Misawa. She called last night and helped me wrap my mind around HOW to organize for these packers. I think I'll get some colored, accompanied, unaccompanied and label everything.

Mike's supervisor will be on leave from 4 - 21 May; I'm starting to wonder when the "slow down to focus on the move" time happens. ::snort::

The Air Force is going to store our van for us in Seattle.

Please do pray about our house. We can't get it on the market until the house is empty and we paint and put in new carpet. They will not be able to get into the house until 18 May at the earliest.

Choosing Joy!
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