Friday, May 17, 2019

No Place Like Home

There really is no place like home! And when HOME has turned GREEN while you were away...ah, heavenly.   Here are some shots from our first day at home.

This was all bare when we left

We arrived home at 1:05 a.m. and slept for a few hours.

I discovered it is getting light around 3:30 a.m. these days (and staying dark until midnight or so).  Hello - spring/summer!  Yes, spring/summer does seem to be ONE season this year, though I'll mark it according to the calendar for labeling purposes. I've entered my season of sleeplessness.

We unpacked. We are unsure what to do with the bags full of Krista's things....they will sit here until we can find a spot to store them until she arrives. LOL

There is so much to do  in the spring - that has to wait until the ground thaws. The ground thawed while we were gone and we're aching to get to "projects," but there were things that HAD to be done first.

Our chicks had grown....we gave the brooder a complete cleaning and  let them outside for the first time.  They are so cute at this stage of growth.

We hoped Lucille, our free range hen, would bond with the chicks and we could put her back with the flock this winter with a posse....strength in numbers. Things were going well until she pecked the weakest.  We discovered we definitely have a roo! See him in the middle. The only one with a comb, a tiny wattle, and the start of spurs. We are hoping to socialize him and keep him. It may help with the predators this winter, as well as the spring fever that set in with the hens. 

We deliberately looked for Cochin chicks this year. We loved Rosie, and she weathered the winter well with no comb, feathered legs and feet. She was also bigger than many of our hens. Dumb weasel.  We call this gal, Oreo....because she looks like cookies and cream.

We also have 2 white, 1 gold, 1 black, and 1 or 2 speckled Cochins 

Arielle reports Benny greatly missed his people while we were gone. He would go to the stairs and call and he knocked on the uncles door - looking for SOMEONE. We loved the polo's he made for us. Today, he followed us around - chattering up a storm. He is especially Papa's shadow. At one point, Michael walked over and leaned on the wood stove in our yard (whatever)....Benny followed and took up the same stance at the stove.

The baby bunnies have also grown

Alex tilled the greenhouse again - Michael made some beds for the space

We cleaned out the coop and gave the girls all new shavings and such

This says home - fresh eggs

She didn't want to budge - "I was quite happy with your absence!" 

Benny and I wandered off to inspect the changes in the woods! Wow. Lots of green grass, devils club, fern.......

And about that hammock....Benny climbed aboard with Stacia

We've missed this little one's expressions - below he had just pulled the sides over his face to play peek a boo! 

I tried to wake up our scoby

In the evening I went to church to meet up with the best group of ladies in the valley!  Our team had planned a scavenger hunt and ice cream social. Jennifer did a great job with all the details. Pastor Shannon (the only man in the photo) created the rules and a list of things for us to do. This enabled all of us to participate. He did a fantastic job. The added bonus was if anything WAS out of hand.....HE was the one who sent a group of 20 competitive women to do it. ::wink::  We divided into five teams and took off.....

I loved the opportunity to spend time with Staci and to meet her mom. 

Alas, we were not the winning team.....but next year THESE gals will have to defend their title.  Isn't the trophy fun?
Brittney, Kelly, Donna and Jennifer

It was a perfect day. Sun, chicks, chickens, grandblessing, gardening, and church community. We're home.