Saturday, April 11, 2020

Saturday Seems Like All Other Days

I placed a clicklist order on Monday night - Krista and I  picked it up today at 3 p.m.   My frustration with shopping online may drive me to risk Covid and shop in person next week.  It's not their fault...but I could go in, see what is there, and make subs myself, rather than wait 5 days to find there are 8 potatoes (not 20 lbs) and no sugar.  ::snort:: Our garden potatoes have run out. I will be planting MUCH more this year.  I was shocked there was no butternut squash. That doesn't seem like a hugely popular item.  In any event - I get it. They're very swamped and supplies are limited. It seems to me this is a hard time to do click list...because say there are no butternut squashes....I would have subbed something else if I was shopping...but now it requires another trip to the store or going without. Seems quicker to just go...and then go to the next store if they are out of something rather than wait, go, and then have to go out again.  I DID get a ham - so we will have an Easter ham... and I have asparagus from last week when I unexplainedly bought 6 bunches of asparagus....I must have clicked that button a few too many times. ::snort:: I DID enjoy visiting with the young man who delivered the groceries to the car.

After our exciting groceries were loaded, we stopped by BreZaak's and dropped off a birthday surprise and an Easter treat...we went next door to CoRielle's and dropped off an Easter treat for Benny, too. The highlight of these trips is seeing the kids. This picture SAYS IT ALL....LOL
Gideon and Bella inside the screen
 Poor Benny caught us and simply doesn't understand WHY germs are bad and he can't see Coco and Baachan. I think it's easier for him if we catch nap time and surprises magically appear. 

Krista had a zoom game time with friends from Oregon. I cooked breakfast for dinner....during clean up I snapped this photo! Cracks me up. I love it.
Flip phone users unite!

Pandemic Stuff
Honestly, it's sad to me we've passed Italy in number of deaths...and I hear we've passed China, but I don't trust the data which makes no sense from China. In these times, I am humbled anew by the  hope found in Jesus.

People are guessing how much longer we'll be under  "stay at home" and "intrastate" mandates. I don't know. Some think within a week. Some say through May. I only know kids aren't going back to school this year. There is talk about the commercial fishing season being "cancelled."