Monday, January 06, 2020

Another Cold Day

Feeding the chickens and visiting the lasagna beds with compost  had added dimensions of adventure in -11* weather.
I must buy gloves. 
This is the oddest winter. A couple of weeks ago we had the warmest day EVER recorded in December in Anchorage, then we had the biggest snowfall in a 24 hour period in Anchorage, followed by a record-breaking cold day in Anchorage.  All of this after our really WARM record-breaking summer. 
My winter garden...the moose enjoy the lasagna bed

Michael and I drove to Anchorage this a.m. to meet with Bill Welch, the Superintendent of the Alaska Ministry Network (Assembly of God). Michael is contemplating a doctorate and had a few questions about the Assembly of God doctoral programs. He is considering two programs at two other universities, as we thought the Assembly of God Theological Seminary was closed to us.  He's considering various D. Ed or PhD programs. He does NOT want to take any more Hebrew classes.

While in town we met Karen and sold her 12 doz eggs. Meeting in parking lots all over Anchorage to sell eggs - that's us. ::snort::

Nora was ready to be released from the hospital. We were happy to be able to pick her up and drive her home to her family. It was nice to have a bit of time for a leisurely talk. I do think surgery to make it happen may be a bit extreme.

Michael and I  took time for a bite together,  picked up a few groceries and meds for dad, came home and cooked dinner, and then Krista and Nolan headed to Young Adults at the church. The rest of us played a few rounds of Farkle.

Regardless of stories you may hear - Dad does not win every game. ::snort::