Saturday, June 15, 2019

Benny Hosts the Uncles or Jared is in Town

Jared is in town for the weekend. It makes us miss Larissa more, as she didn't come, but we are thrilled he is here for Father's Day.  They pulled in right as we were leaving for Three Bears to "fetch some meat." As it turned out we also looked at guns for my solitary hikes. 

I was bummed Dad and Michael would get out and stay and I'd have to go to the store and miss the catching up. Michael said he'd go to the store and I could stay...but we hit on a solution. Jared hopped in the car and came with us.

Benny entertained the others left at home and Josiah and Jamin.  
Photo by Jamin 

What are they doing? Looks like some odd prayer circle around the table....

They're just serious about their Uno game. 
Alex, Arielle, Jamin & Bennett, Stacia, Josiah, Jared and Michael 

 Jamin and Benny chase Jared.  
Uncles are fun to play with 

We lingered around the table. Uncle Josiah had Benny and Jared snapped a photo.
Photo by Jamin 

At some point Benny moved to Jared. Jared showed him the photo of himself...
Photo by Josiah or Jamin 

I love Benny's new hair cut!  Photo by Jamin 

Arielle and Bennett headed downstairs. We played one round of Farkle. It was a fun table. 
Michael, Jamin, Stacia, GDog, Josiah, Alex, Nolan and Jared 

I didn't think it would get better than having Dad here; Jared joined us and the fun increased. We had a great time hearing about he and Larissa's transition to Juneau. He has some amazing video clips of Eagles eating fish, whales breaching and gorgeous sunsets - taken from their WINDOW.  You won't be surprised, knowing his job and where he lives,  we talked a "bit" of politics and the "funnies" which accompany that world.

It will be fun to spend the day together tomorrow....we're looking forward to adding BreZaak and kids to the mix. We're sorry Cory has to work both days.