Sunday, August 07, 2022

Sunday's Excitement

Another amazing announcement...another grandblessing is coming our way!  For THIS child we've prayed, believed, and hoped. This child was spoken of by an airport prophet...and very soon we'll get to HOLD him. 

📷by Larissa 

Sunday afternoon we hosted the family to Jared and Larissa's gender reveal. Wow - y'all - when I was having babies half of them were still revealed with, "It's a boy!" at delivery. LOL Knowing ahead of time does have advantages. 

We've all been waiting, patiently, and one day this week Larissa texted they knew the gender and asked if we could all meet at our place on Sunday. YEP! 

While we were at church, KrUke came in from camping and showered. JaRissa arrived and started baking pizzas....and boom a family gathering happened! Nolan is usually working when everyone else is off - but everyone else was able to make it.  It was great to have Izaak home for the reveal and nice to catch up with him. 

Benny, Liv, Allie, GG, Bella, Annie, Gideon 

Jared is currently helping Stanley Wright with his campaign for State House from District 22. Stanley came out for the gender reveal. He fit right in. At one point we all realized he and Michael had disappeared for quite some time...out in the garage and RV... LOL 
Jared and Stanley 


After lunch the festivities moved outside - to the very place we had CyRi's wedding almost a year ago exactly. Fun memories we are making here at Wibbly Wobbly Acres. LOL 
A box

The excitement built...only Jared and Larissa knew...we all had our guesses and we all had a 50% chance of being right....the cousin table...or part of the cousins...were heavily pulling for blue.

The sibs table and deck....

JaRissa work the details for those who were joining via Facebook live. 

It's a boy! Noah Michael Warren

Noah - God can be trusted. God keeps His promises. God does what He says he's going to do! A great name. 

Uncle Cy bounces Bella, Gideon, Benny, Annie and Livie while Reno watches on. Reno is a very BIG and extremely lovable mastiff. 

I volunteered to provide a slide show for announcements or during the reception of Cory's licensing service...I'm not sure why he isn't comfortable with the idea! LOL 
Cory entertains Danny and Benny

Aunt Carrie plays a game with Benny and Livie. 

Jared, Larissa, Me, Michael 

📷by Carrie 

Josiah (JoJo - BreZaak's) is tired📷by Carrie 

What a blessing these girls are!!!! 📷by ?

📷by Carrie 

📷by Larissa

It was a great afternoon! Our hearts are full. God knew we'd love these moments with family. We sense this is a season and we are determined to wring every moment we can from this season.