Monday, March 13, 2023

Spring Skiing

SPRING BREAK is made for playing....Stacia DROVE over to Jenni's home, and they went to Government Peak for a bit of spring skiing. She said she was doing well until the very end.... and then....

...a spectacular fall! She was so close.... check out how near the parking lot she was when she went upside down. 

Ah, but this is not Stacia's first biff on a skiing adventure with Jenni. Here she is earlier in the year breaking trail (yeah, I am behind on some blogging  - why not put all the photos in one spot?)

Jenni is one of the youth staff at church. She is also in our Life Group. We have loved getting to know her. 

Before skiing, the girls and I ran over to the Wasilla library. We had enough time to run over and back before Allie went to work. Unfortunately, I didn't realize they were CLOSED on Monday mornings. We miss being able to pick up holds at our LOCAL LIBRARY. We miss our LOCAL librarians. 

Stacia needed to repair her ski boot before heading out... In the process she found a project she had begun "over a year ago" - maybe last year's spring break. She finished a pair of pajama bottoms for Allie and a pair of PJ shorts for herself.

Thanks to Jenni and Stacia for sharing photos.