Thursday, June 05, 2014

A Day

I dreaded today! I hate dental work. I think it's genetics. ::snort:: 

Today Stacia had her first cavity filled. The doc came out and said it was, "Hard." Stacia seems to think it was, "Odd, but o.k." They promise it will be quicker next time - one less cavity and smaller. Arielle had 4 filled today. 

We had to redeem the day. We WERE in Roseville - a place I've only driven to once before. We told the phone to show us the way to Trader Joe's. It sent us on 80 towards Sac first - 8 or 10 lanes of traffic. I later found out Galleria turns into the street TJ's is on  and I could avoid 80. I'll do that in the future.  A really nice eccentric lady INSISTED on taking our photo. She followed by requesting I take a few of her and her friend. ::grin:: 

Sherry and I went to Trader Joe's when I was in Eugene and I knew I had to find one "nearby". This one is about 45 minutes from home.  Several had sent me goodies from Trader Joe's when we were in Japan.  This was HEAVENLY. So much to see and try...and much of the produce was cheaper than the commissary.

It was lunch time when we left TJ's but the girls couldn't eat. Stacia's jaw was still swollen. Arielle suggested the phone find Chick Fil A for us. She said she NEEDED a shake and ice cream would feel good on their jaws. How could I resist her logic? Chick Fil A is not vegan friendly. ::snort::

These two see the dentist again next Wed.  Arielle will finish up when she returns from Mexico. There just isn't time before she leaves.  Can you BELIEVE that parking lot? I've never been to a stand alone Chick Fil A and hadn't a clue the parking lot would be like a concert! We parked in a lot over and walked. They WERE very efficient, friendly and fast...not quite as good as San Angelo's Mall unit - but good. ::wink::

The girls were happy with the shakes...and I think they did help.

We tried the back roads coming home. It didn't save us any time, but it was nice to get away from the traffic. Actually, driving single file on the "high way" may have taken longer
today than the back roads.

The boys were happy to help us unload groceries.

Pickles without dye or corn syrup, cheap CLIF bars
 Something for everyone......
Vegan entrees.....

Easy options for when we don't want another salad or veggie burger and the others are grilling....we tried the Aloo Chaat tonight. Good - but SPICY. Cleared our sinus' and we hadn't realized we were stuffed up.

We spent the afternoon working on a couple of PWOC projects and then VBS projects. Arielle and I painted stars. They DO glow in the dark - but they aren't very vivid when the lights are on. I guess we should have painted them a bright color and then used the glow paint? I don't know. It didn't say to.  We plan to give them some more paint tomorrow.

We also researched animal paw prints. We have 30 -  8 x 11 sheets of duct tape and plan to make a variety of prints to use at my station....I'm looking for prints that don't have a zillion shapes to cut out by hand. LOL

Nolan grilled for us tonight. Michael is working until 2300.

While the kids cleaned up I visited with Bre.

We settled and watched Frozen...and during the movie I went through my highlights of "Rhinestone Jesus" and "Not a Fan" to determine if there are some I might want to share on Facebook before I move the books to, "The Cloud." 

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...