Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Achieving Normalcy

Whew! It feels so good to be achieving normalcy. We finished a lot of school today...both independent and couch school. I am making a significant dent in Mt. Neverrest (the laundry pile).

We did a science experiment. We've not typed up the sheet....but this is what we did. We are monitoring a cup of fresh water and cup with 2 T of Real Salt in water to see which freezes first.
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Into the freezer
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Checked hourly -
At this point we have one solid ice chunk and one salt slushy. The kids want to see if the salt water will freeze solid over night. This ties in with our study of Beluga whales in icy waters up in Alaska.
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Arielle & I cut out leaves. We opted to make a Thankful Tree and leaves this year...wasn't hard but it WAS hard to find the time to DO it. LOL Doesn't Arielle look like she's turned into a young lady overnight?
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Yeah - it's staged. We made the tree out of butcher paper...then twisted paper for branches.
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Sparse for this time of the year
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Filling up throughout the afternoon
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Not bad for one day...I'll need to cut some more leaves
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Tonight was PWOC Bible Study. I love having a Bible Study group to hold me accountable and encourage me in my walk with the Lord.
When I got home THIS was going on....The balloon seems to have reached natural buoyancy.


I'm home from picking Jamin up. Time to call it a night.

©2008 D.R.G.

Giving Thanks ~ Day 18!

~I'm thankful for family, friends (Internet and real life) who miss me when I don't blog.

~I'm thankful to the Z family who set up a business account so I can buy my organic groceries at wholesale (not co-op) prices.

~I'm thankful to Roy, who had to inventory our order two months in a row. I am not planning a single trip in December. ::snort::

~I'm thankful for Tim O - the owner of the Chick-fil-A where both our older sons have worked. He's a great mentor for them.

~I'm thankful that Jared and Arielle so graciously watch little ones when I have to run here and there; specifically to PWOC on Tuesday night and the Thursday mania.

~Darshia, dear sister in the Lord, you bless me. Cherish and nurture....the very words to describe what I was feeling during my brief visit with BreAnne. I'll email you more.

©2008 D.R.G.


We woke up Monday morning, Mike's birthday, to discover JAMIN'S FIRST ARTICLE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF OUR LOCAL PAPER! He'd written an article about Operation Christmas Child. He's an intern for them writing about community and church events....but we were totally "tickled" to find his name on the front page yesterday. You can read the article here. I can't seem to remember my username and password to comment on the article. ::snort::

While we were gone it appears that the local homeschool basketball team stomped on a local private school. It was a 42-7 win.

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