Friday, July 13, 2012

Cardiac Update

Quick update. Thanks for all the prayers. We know nothing new. ::snort:: 

We know the cardiologist also thinks Michael is in superb shape. We know  8-9 min on the treadmill is considered to be in shape for an American  51 yo male - wow that's a LOW bar.

Michael will be having another ECG and stress test next week. He'll also have an abdominal ultrasound. He's been having a pain since surgery and was told it would eventually go away. It's not. It's getting more pronounced....cardiologist says sometimes they leave things inside. ::gulp:: Michael replied, "Not Flora!" BUT the cardiologist, not knowing Flora,  scheduled an ultrasound to rule out abscess in the general region. 

Basically, Cardiologist wants to see if there have been any changes in the past 3 weeks and confirm the findings from Hachinohe for himself. If he agrees with Hachinohe findings, or if things look worse, there will be more tests and procedures. If things look normal to him we'll be cleared to fly home. 

 Tricare requires pre-authroization (I know this is what Misawa Dr wanted so just paperwork). Wed is the earliest this will be done. We won't be flying home on Wednesday. He DID say he'd call with results quickly after recommending we change flight plans to no earlier than Friday. 

Fun trivia - cardiologist was in Kyoto in his 20's and is married to a Japanese woman. He was hoping the results would be in Japanese so he could practice his Japanese. He totally understands where we live in Misawa. LOL 

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