Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Fun

This week is full of VBS in the mornings.

We've also been working on school (reading, math, language arts).

I've been working on some local PWOC publicity...and trying to find time to work on regional PWOC projects as well.

We've found time for water fun....
The key seems to be to get YOURSELF wet. ::snort::

 Nothing like kicking back with a brother

We're still enjoying a bit of fresh produce from our garden. The strawberries are nearly played out. I pulled the romaine and broccoli. We now have some healthy watermelon plants but I'm not sure they'll produce an actual melon. We still have a red and green leaf lettuce that are supplementing our lettuce....those fresh salads lost a bit of their appeal when a slug crawled to the side of my plate one evening. ::gag:: 

I planted a pepper plant 3 - 4 weeks ago....and look at this. I think we'll roast some veggies for dinner. 

Renee B, shared a yummy lemonade recipe. I really should find time to get it into my recipe section....1/3 C fresh squeezed lemon juice, 2/3 C Agave Nectar (or Xagave) and 1 ltr Perrier Water (sparkling water of any type or tap water should work). I figure about 120 calories per 8 oz.

Choosing Joy!
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