Sunday, October 31, 2021

Random Glimpses of October

This is the post where I share glimpses we want to remember, things which may not make an entire blog post on their own. LOL 

Michael's leg is healed up and he is back on his mission to fill the woodshed for the winter. 

We still have enough dead trees on our place to keep us in winter wood. New this year is this wood splitter. We've been renting one every year. It is nicer to have our own and be able to tackle this job in daily chunks instead of a one-day marathon of wood splitting. We sure appreciate their hard work!

Fall walks are the best. Stacia and Allie made it a practice to break for walks this month. 

Because - sugar free and all like them. 

The chickens LOVE fall when I begin to harvest plants and they get lots of extra-ready-to-eat-greens! LOL 

Arielle and the boys dropped by. Benny wanted to play hide and seek. Michael hid. Benny and I looked and looked. I heard him. I knew he had to be in the entry area SOMEWHERE. We finally found Michael in the closet....and then Benny told me to go count....and HE hid. LOL 

Benny & Grandpa

If GG can read to Benny, Papa ought to be able to read to Danny. 
Danny and Papa

THIS is quite the system....I appreciate Michael devising a way to clean the chimney AND keep most of  the mess from the floors. 

Watching TV with Millie is quite often amusing. 

Nolan took some time off Mid-October. He spent MOST his time catching up on college, but he and the girls also enjoyed working through several Escape Room scenarios Allie had. 

The washer (which Michael had found free on Craig's list) and dryer (which came with this house), both died this month. We do a LOT of laundry around here, lots of bed linens washed daily. Michael went in search of a washer and brought this home. We love it. It holds more and it's quiet...and fun to watch fill. He had a free dryer from the Craig's List find. He brought that inside. It's janky but working. Whatever time it serves will put off having to buy a new dryer. Our oven is also out - it's not been a good fall for appliances.  

The moose are back EVERYWHERE this month. On this fall day I stepped out to go feed the animals and surprised this moose. 

I took the girls shoe shopping. Whilst I DID buy them shoes, I couldn't resist a new pair of FUR LINED bright and cheery. I think these are essential for embracing the upcoming winter. 

A simple shadow of what is to come....snow in the morning, warm in the evening. Nothing is sticking. 

Oct 15th 

Oct 21st
Oct 21st

Just to document somewhere - this is not base housing - do not buy SIX BIG BAGS of CANDY in 2022.  You will only have 1 or 2 show up. 

Missing Pieces

 I hate it when a piece of a puzzle is missing. It does seem to be the condition of many puzzles.  I suppose learning to accept the reality of missing puzzle pieces is a sign of maturity.  I know there are many puzzle pieces missing in my life. That'll preach. Really. 

The girls, Grandpa and I headed to church this morning. Pastor did a GREAT job with the sermon today. The kids were in service and the sermon was interactive...we finished our series on Philippians.  ANYWAY - I was happy to have a few minutes to catch up with Kareen after church.  She shared how she had felt the need for a down day. Her thoughts resonated with me, a missing piece in my life's puzzle to consider? 

We headed for lunch and then home. Michael is fighting with a toothache/ earache and had stayed home - another missing piece of our family puzzle. He told me to sleep...and I crashed...long and hard.  Grandpa went down for a nap and I woke him up at 7:47 p.m. LOL It was that kind of day. 

I woke to a barking dog, the doorbell ringing and this sight. Ah, a table full of stalled work....but who cares??? We needed to rest and enjoy being....

Oh dear - what ever could be wrong? 

Mr. Gingerbread man has been sad on the top of a shelf at my home. The girls won - but no one claimed him....Benny took him home. He promised him adventures until the next contest....

It rained all night and all the snow is gone. It looks like fall once again. I'm thinking this will be the last week of fall. When the snow returns it will most likely stay....but tonight we had a Halloween without snow and ice to contend with - still only 2 groups at our door.  Maybe going door to door is a thing of the past...what's it like in your area?