Sunday, November 26, 2017

OUR Quirky Tree

The last several years we've lived in an RV. We purchased a live table top tree, used it for Christmas, and then planted it. We logged it's geocoordinates so we could re-visit it in years to come.  We decided we wanted to do the same after moving into our house. We'd buy a tree and plant it on the property in the spring.  It was a lovely plan. The problem turned out to be the varieties we find in stores will not survive the winters here if we plant them outside.  It doesn't make sense to us - but we were told - "Folks just like to have them on their desks." Hmmmm.....

Michael found an online nursery that will ship to Alaska. We looked at ones they said would survive up here....but it wouldn't arrive until Dec. 20th. That's a bit late for this year.

We plan on planting a lot of seedlings and a few potted trees this spring. We have a row of trees along the road and along the back (huge ones). We have a couple along one side of the yard.... The electric company contracted to have someone come out and top the trees along the road. We had thought to use one of the 3 foot tops - but we weren't here and they took them all - left other brush, but I guess those were cute. We talked with the company and told them we'd like to plant a row further into our yard...and they agreed to give us time for them to get established. They'll cut the trees down in 5 - 7 years because they are inside the fifteen foot utility easement.  When we get a new privacy barrier growing, we plan to use those big trees for Christmas for a few years.

We thought of going to cut a tree in the forest. We researched. They seem to be further off the road than we wanted.  Nolan and I went out to see if we could find a tree on our property that wasn't in a place where we wanted it to stay.....

We discovered where the moose are getting in - though I suspect if they want in - they'll get in. 
Wire should be attached
We got our hopes up here....this one looked great....on further inspection we suspect it's on our neighbor's land. It doesn't seem neighborly to their tree.

We walked all the way around the yard, back into the didn't look promising. They are either HUGE or where we want them to be....except the ones along the road....we didn't want to cut down our privacy hedge....

We had looked thoroughly and so we came back to the front. This little one is nestled into the big one. It doesn't provide much privacy...the big ones would still be there. It is at least 6 feet tall as it's taller than Nolan.  

We went inside and showed Michael the photo. It was either this, buy an artificial tree, or buy a cut one.  He agreed with us we should cut this one. It will be cut in 5 - 7 years anyway. We will cut it within 5 - 7 years, anyway.

Alex cut it down.....

We've decided it's not a Charlie Brown tree - but it IS quirky. Josiah and Jamin were over this evening and THEY immediately said it was a Charlie Brown tree - after establishing we didn't pay good money for it. ::snort::

It IS taller than we expected. We cut off the top....and put lights on it. The bottom is much fuller than the top and it has odd angles here and there....but we like it. It's real, it's bigger than the RV trees, and it's from OUR property. 

Michael fixed this shepherd's hand....

I love the pine cones still on the tree. 

Our kids are too old to play with this nativity this year, but I can't wait for Bella to discover it. 

After we got the lights on the tree, we settled into our next Christmas tradition - we watched the Muppets Christmas Carol.

We decided to hang ornaments after the movie. We had to use only light ones....and is a really quirky looking tree.

But it's our quirky tree. 

We plan to plant trees each year, and choose one each year to cut. For next year, we'll probably try to keep a potted one alive through the year.....