Monday, May 11, 2009


I cannot express how tired I am. It will get worse and then SUDDENLY it should get better. Like labor, come to think of it. ::snort:: I have photos - but they'll have to wait.

Tonight, I only have time to quickly update:

I made it to the gym. I hope to do that daily - but who knows?

We met with the realtor this a.m. We signed papers and settled on a price for our home. They told us we need to remove the storage room (with floor to ceiling shelves) and the workshop from the garage. Most want a 2 car garage. Hmmmph...that was a selling point for US in the house....but after the tools are packed, we'll be removing shelves and walls in the garage.

I called about getting a dumpster here....we are creating quite a bit of mess with all this "stuff".

I cooked dinner.

Mike and I kept sorting...and it looks like a bomb has gone off in here.

I've begun tagging things "storage" - "Japan"....I figure that should be clear to the various groups of packers.

We gave the man who will get a crew in here to pack us for Japan a tour. He thinks we have 8,000 lbs.

I sorted through a bookshelf of cookbooks and got my cookbooks down to one shelf. We may eat beans and rice for the next 3 years. ::snort::

We are trying to get a second estimate for carpet....we simply don't want to put out over $5K for carpet.

I picked up United co-op. Good GRIEF - what was I thinking???? I'm lucky that I didn' t get near what I expected. LOL

I did a few PWOC admin things....and need to do more...but it will simply have to be "good enough". Some seasons are like this.

Back to sorting and packing.

Choosing Joy!
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