Thursday, April 21, 2022

GG's New Teeth

 One year of dental visits...several thousands of dollars and FINALLY - DAD PICKED UP HIS LOWER PARTIAL PLATE today!  I told him to show off his teeth. LOL 

We are hoping this will make it easier for him to chew and therefore, cut down on the choking episodes we deal with around the table.  

"No, Dad, you have to open your mouth for me to see your teeth." 

Dad keeps telling me stories about my grandpa who said the dentures hurt and refused to wear them....went toothless the rest of his life. I wonder if maybe, he doesn't want to wear them. LOL  I keep encouraging him they'll feel better when he gets used to them.

He tore up the inside of his cheeks at dinner, biting himself....but all in all...we think it's a good step for him.