Friday, May 05, 2017

Closing the Loop

We buried Mom G today. I know I should write something profound, but words fail me. Often the best plan when one isn't sure how to express thoughts is to keep silent - for the most part, I will.  Other than to say Mom G is a woman who was in the Word until the last day of her life - I'd like to be the same. She was sharp until the end - and I find my memories are already fuzzier than hers. I must do something to stem this trend of mine.😏 I will long remember our season in Crescent City with Mom G- most of my best memories with her come from this time - laughing in bathrooms (what else CAN you do?), road trips to  connect with her brother and Mary K, discussions during work breaks, working together, celebrating her 88th birthday and Stacia's 11th too, taking her to visit old friends in town, her insatiable sweet tooth, Sundays in town, her long talks with Stacia and connecting with the boys - we got to know her best in that time between mid May and mid November 2016. 
Terrible photo - but fun memory
The story behind this photo makes me smile. I couldn't find my sweatshirt and went into the house to search for it. I sat down and Mom G looked at me, and said with her wry sense of humor, "Evidently you found it. That certainly isn't  MY sweatshirt." πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜We've been sad we had to move her to Rebecca's in mid-Nov and she couldn't have died in her home as she wished.  Hearing Reb talk about the benefits of her time with mom from mid Nov - Feb 6th eased some of the pain at failing Mom G. 

Because of past life choices, 2/5 of our family live in Colorado, 2/5  live in the Northwest....and 1/5 became vagabonds, moving every three years or so as students, pastors and, finally, a military family.  It was fun for this 1/5 to connect with everyone in CO. We've not seen them all since Dad G died, though Michael did come out for his 1/2 brothers funeral in Dec 2014 and we got to spend a week with Earl in Crescent City last fall.  We enjoyed a yummy meal in Alex's (Michael's niece) back yard.....

Jamin flew in late last night and we hadn't seen him until we were at Fort Logan. The other Gherkins are all flying, or driving out tomorrow. After we left Alex's we went to their hotel. We ended up watching a Spurs game and playing Dominion. It is always a blessing to gather - even when it can't be "all" of us or be in "perfect" conditions. It is enough for these parents. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜Š
Krista came to my aide - we still didn't win - but I did better than I've done before

Alex won Dominion. The spurs won their game. We enjoyed spending time together. Win, WIN, WIN!!

Gingerbread Man Is On the Road Again

Krista and Gingerbread man 
I am much happier with my recent travels. I have finally broken free from the RV and the rain and snow.....

Today, I  attended  a family reception after the burial of Mom G.  

AND in the morning I am  accompanying Krista and Kent back to Mexico. I am excited! 

There is talk of going to boot camp with Krista. The matriarch around here may spoil that plan. She keeps mumbling about me earning Krista extra push ups at boot camp. 

Note -  the winners of our annual Gingerbread Village Competition hosts Gingerbread Man for a year. The girls are hosting him this year.