Thursday, April 30, 2020


Thursday's mean Bible study (and piano lessons, Japanese and  Life Group, if we can ever meet). This week, in our on-going study of communication/words, we dug into the content of our words. We considered when to hold our tongues, lying, speaking truth in love, gossip and our online voices.  We reasoned in my van surrounded by mountains and the river. This is actually a turn-out near town - no time for grand exploring this week. 

Stacia shared a great illustration as we deliberated the topic of lies. Lies are like dog dung in a manicured yard. Think about it - such a great analogy.  Share the similarities you see in the comments. 

I had Stacia home in time for her piano lesson. Alex is finished with Japanese, Stacia has asked to continue her lessons/tutoring through the summer. Today was her first summer lesson with Kim.

I met a friend at a river at 1 p.m. We hadn't seen each other for 6 or 7 weeks. We sat under the bridge and talked, it's always fun to catch up.

On the drive home, I received a text from Arielle. "I'm gonna find a sidewalk spot for Benny to ride his bike if anyone wants to join...." The boys were at work. Michael was out and about. Krista and Stacia were hiking the Butte with Krista's co-workers.  I am making an effort to get Grandpa outside each day....a drive, the yard...somewhere OUT but not exposed to crowds. This fit the bill. I asked if he was up for a trip to town to play with Benny. Sure thing.

We found rocks....

We had fun re-hiding them...I did bring a couple home. Grandpa hid this one - I thought it was a great spot.
Great rock I wanted to keep - but resisted

Benny appreciated this find. 

Grandpa and Arielle talked. I chased around with Benny. I taught him how to roll down a hill....we did it 3x, resulting in nausea for me the rest of the night. Benny was unscathed.
We arrived home and I was chilled and nauseated. I couldn't face  raw salmon. Michael suggested YOYO (Your On Your Own) or Encore Presentation - LEFTOVERS y'all.  That's what they did. I plopped myself under several layers of quilts and contemplated the wisdom of rolling down hills at this stage in life. 😜 I'll do it all again if given the chance.

I find it hard to accept this is the last day of APRIL. March and April are certainly not what I expected them to be - but are completely what a loving God allowed into our lives for this season.  Earlier this year I felt the word "Pause/Anticipate" for 2020. I couldn't fully figure out what either what have to do with 2020 - I sure understand NOW. LOL