Monday, April 15, 2024

We Love Sundays

Dad woke saying his head and throat hurt.* We made the decision for me to stay home with him, while Michael and the girls went in for church. Larissa snapped this and texted it. Noah's shirt says, "It was Papa's idea!"  I love three generations in this photo of the church gathering. 

Papa, Jared and Noah

Dad and I watched online. I like gathering with others...but it WAS nice to turn up the volume enough so Dad could hear, to pause Pastor Brian when he shared faster than I could write, and not to worry about finding seats together. ::snort:: 

 Last week's message, So You Think You're Better Than Me was on forgiving favoritism and jealousy. It was stellar. Today's message, Forgiving Through Abuse and Trauma was also fantastic. The life of Joseph threads through the series.  Here are a few shots I took during the message to help with notes...I'll replace the ones I took with screenshots as I see them and eliminate the glare. ::snort::  One of the girls commented these are the very points I have made, repeatedly. It is always affirming when someone else says what you've been saying, says it better and you get lumped in with them. ::snort::  As we discussed the sermon around the table this evening the observation was shared Brian's messages have been on the issues various ones have us have wanted to hear addressed in church...each topic from unanswered prayer, to sexuality, to forgiving abuse and trauma has been real, raw and handled with grace. I agree.  I loved that he gave clear definitions for abuse and trauma and had talked with the licensed therapists in the church to be sure to have concrete and accurate definitions. 

Abuse - any action someone uses to dominate, control, or harm another person for their benefit. This can be mental, physical, emotional or sexual. He gave examples of what abuse is and isn't. 

Trauma - results from an event experienced by an individual as physically or emotionally harmful or life threatening, and has lasting adverse effects on their mental, physical, social, emotional or spiritual well-being.

I have defined forgiveness as "selling the debt," turning the situation/person over to God. Brian talked about releasing the debt...he also shared this list of what forgiveness is NOT. I can't tell you how often I've been told I haven't forgiven because I have been leery to reconcile or haven't forgotten. These words resonated with me. 

We have been given the label of victim by those things done to us by others; WE get to rip off that label and wear CHOSEN, BELOVED of God.

Brian addressed well the victim, but he acknowledged it would be quite possible to have abusers in a crowd our size. He addressed abusers with grace and truth as well. It was refreshing. I love that Brian doesn't shy away from the hard topics. 

In addressing trauma, we need to acknowledge what happened, apologize wherever possible, and look for redemption...because Jesus carried my cross, we can carry another's cross. 

We all need to learn how to give good apologies....

The gang went out to lunch with Jared, Larissa and Noah. After lunch the girls went home to hang out with Larissa and Noah. Michael and Jared went out to Eagle River Loop to put a sign up on a gentleman's land who offered to host a big campaign sign.  

Other Sunday events...check this out! I was quoted on a doctoral topic board. We found that fun. 

Nolan dropped by in the evening. We chatted, snacked and he and the girls watched an episode in a series they are watching together. 

We love Sundays. 


1. While an online gathering of the church is not my favorite way to connect with others, I am thankful it is available for days like today when I can't make it out. 

2. There is something so amazing about 3 generations of family in the same gathering worshipping Jesus, learning a church that is made up mostly of 30 and 40 yos. Who would have guessed? Not this military family in all those years of family fragmentation.

3. Adult gherkins dropping by...children become's like visiting your best memories while making new ones and it's refreshing deep down in our souls. 

4. Michael and I stayed up late and had a good and hard discussion. I am thankful to have journeyed with Michael lo these 40 years. 

*Dad's blood pressure was 189/126 this morning and he didn't have a properly working cpap last night. Mystery to ailments solved, unfortunately too late to go to church in person. Added some clonidine and tylenol to the chemical mix and he was good to go. 

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