Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dawson Creek, BC - Day 7 of AlCan Road Trip

We spent the early hours resting, making contact with our realtor, emailing Mom and the elder Gherkins. 

We then went out to explore Dawson Creek.  We went to the Northern Alberta Train park and the Dawson Creek Visitor Centre. We stopped to take a few iconic photos. 
The very spot where the Alaska Hwy began - Mile 0
 A sculpture of a surveyor on the Hwy

Here it is! So glad we are DRIVING this time and didn't take the ferry. 
Alex, Nolan, Stacia, Me

Taking it easy in Dawson Creek 
At the visitor's center we were given GOOD maps of the Alaska Hwy. Detailed spots for camping, gas and diesel and size of cities. Our milepost map gives us the big picture and we don't have time to READ the milepost as we drive. 😜 We also picked up a self-guided  Historic Walking Tour map of Dawson Creek. This was a lot of fun to do.....we enjoyed the walk, a bit of history, and found lunch too. I had poutine, tried to avoid the cheese, and took some pills.  There are quite a few murals to be seen in town, here are some of our favorites.

Would love to see Mary K's art co-op do a mural like this
This was COOL. It was my favorite, I think the others were impressed too. The fronts of the building are current businesses. The BACKS of the businesses are decorated as to what they WERE....

Our next adventure was at the Alaska Highway Building. Here we watched a one hour PBS movie about the building of the Highway and toured  displays.  I'm glad we did, we all have a better idea of why, how and where the highway was built, and the impact it had on the economies and development of both this area and Alaska.  Here are a few quotes from the exhibits....

From the original military order....sounds simple

We don't stand a chance if the HORSES didn't make it....looking for natural solutions. 

This holds true today too! 

Staff took our picture at the  "mile post"
Nolan, Michael, Stacia, Me, Alex
Michael spent the early evening till present - it's 10 p.m.- working on the brakes on Uchi and the trailer. I'm quite sure I don't understand the problem or the solution. I'm mostly praying, encouraging, and reminding we can take our own pace if we need to stay for repairs.

The kids enjoyed screen time this afternoon. I did laundry - almost caught up - and finished a Michael Connelly book.

I'm glad we took the day to rest in Dawson Creek.