Tuesday, August 08, 2017

First REAL Meal

Today, BreZaak are working on setting up the RV for their use. CoRielle are setting up their room. The five of us are going to empty this garage - or at least part of it. 

These two actually loaded in most the furniture and boxes. My mind is fuzzy, not sure what Michael was doing, but he was busy. I know there have been some fix-it jobs (not warrantied type jobs).

I was determined to have the table up today! 

It's never too early for Bella to learn that if you make a face at Gemma when she has a camera, it may well go world wide. 

Maria arrived at 1 p.m. She drove all the way from TX.  She jumped right in to help. It's been a God-send to have an extra pair of hands. We were Maria's "Chaplains" at Beale AFB.

Jamin, JaRissa and Josiah came over for dinner. It is rare for all of them to have the same night off.  Here we had our first guests and our first real meal (White Chicken Enchiladas) on our TABLE, which fits great in the dining room. The table still reminds me of the D family and Hospitality House. I'm so happy it made it to Alaska.  It easily sits 10....and when all the kids are home for a meal there will be 14 - soon to be 15.....We are happy to have the small table back from Josiah. We'll pull it out as needed and have seating for all around the table.
Many of you know when we moved things into storage we were planning on going to Japan for 10 - 15 years. We thought ahead and kept what an empty nester couple may need.....and got rid of all my GHERKINSIZE  pans and bakeware.  We never imagined two years later, we'd settle in Alaska and most of the Gherkins would be here for meals on a fairly regular basis. LOL

The thought that this is Jamin's last month before he leaves for the Marines is always in the back of my mind. We're trying to settle in AND make the most of our time with him.
Michael and Jamin talk all things military