Thursday, November 18, 2021

Feels Like -12*.....


It's going to be cold tonight. It cracks me up when it says it, "Feels like -12." Um...yeah. About that...when it gets this cold I just stay inside...and it feels like 70* by the fire. LOL  With that being said, I have an 0730 meeting tomorrow....hmmm.....

We've had a somewhat lazy, Bible study, laundry, doctor appointments... By the way, I am working through "Forgiving What You Can't Forget," with a young woman whom I mentor.  We have the book, DVD, and study guide. I think it would be a great read....the study guide is helpful in applying what one reads in the book. This is the best handling of the topic I've ever worked through. It has been the catalyst for much healing in my life.  I was thinking about it for our Ladies Bible study, but after going through it with another I wonder if it's one best gone through with one or two others, rather than a group.  Has anyone else completed it? What do you think? Did it work well in a group? 

The girls and I shopped to fill a box...Stacia and I will deliver it tomorrow when we got out for our study. We've hit Revelation...the year really is drawing to a close. 

This is a book we used last year during Advent. It seemed time to dig it out. I believe the first Sunday in Advent is Nov 28th. 

Jojo (Josiah), BreZaak's youngest turned one year old yesterday. We were having a bit of a "thing" yesterday around here and it wasn't a good time for us to leave the house.  Michael stopped by with a gift for Jojo. Sadly, no one took a photo! I will be sure to grab a photo of him at the family celebration...he's a doll.  Bre sent Michael home with birthday cookies.