Friday, November 19, 2021

Friday's Fun

 Cory asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would be willing to watch the boys so he could surprise Arielle with a date. I, of course, agreed! 😍 They dropped the boys off at 10:30 and headed for The Salt Cave. 

Danny - 1 year

I've got to say sitting in a warm, bright cave is appealing when it's -13* outside. ❄❅❆ They headed out for warmth and lunch....

Danny was happy to play with GG after his lunch. 

Stacia is making 2 smash cakes and a rocket cake for our Thanksgiving/Birthday celebration. I am making an ice cream cake for Michael.  ANYWAY - Benny helped Stacia bake the cakes for his Rocket Planet Cake. 

Benny - 4 years old

Benny and Stacia developed an unique style to quickly sift the flour, cocoa and sugar. 


We are thankful for the sketchy downstairs oven....and hopeful they actually fix the upstairs one on Tuesday. LOL 

The boys enjoyed spending a bit of time with Papa. We laughed when Danny went directly for Michael's flashlight, just like Benny does. 

We hope Cory and Arielle had 1/2 the fun we had here at home.