Friday, September 03, 2021

Cocomelon Cake

 Stacia has taken cake requests before. This, however, was the first cake where she screwed up her courage to ask the going rates for specialty cakes. Given the cost of ingredients in Alaska and the amount of hours she puts into baking and decorating these cakes it's TIME she charge the going rates.  

When Yadira asked us if Stacia could make a Cocomelon cake, we had to google to figure out what a coco-melon cake would look like. LOL It was needed within a week so they settled on a fairly simple design. It takes TIME to get specail doo dads up here. LOL  Stacia baked the cakes, colored fondant and created a face and such....

Yeah, she was stressed. She was CHARGING for this one and it wasn't going to family.  I think it turned out darling. She's learned some things since then that she would do even better. 

Yadira requested a couple dozen cupcakes as well. Stacia was glad to have it all done and asked to deliver it the night before it was due.  She got $100 for all this. That is NOT all profit. She makes about $5 an hour for her time on the cakes. 

Michael and the girls headed across town to deliver the baked goods.  They were happy with them. 
BUT Stacia worried for weeks that the cake had fallen apart or something was wrong with them.  As I'm back posting this and it's REALLY December, I can share a day came when Yadira contacted her and asked her to make another birthday cake - the sewing/building cake.  Yadira said it was just what they wanted and TASTED good too. 

Go, Stacia! We are proud of your growing baking skills, we are most excited to see how chasing this dream is motivating you to go beyond your comfort skills, and in "people-ing". Way to go!