Saturday, July 31, 2021

July Randomness

The above photo is a good summary of the randomness of July. We spent quite a bit of time in the car as Stacia and Allie added more hours behind the wheel. AND I'm getting a jump start on their Brit Lit AP course. LOL 

WHAT are we doing with THESE?  I won't buy these again.                   


Running partners...



    Allie got her driver's permit!!! 

                                                 You just never know what you'll find in a park. 

The "perfect" sledding hill becomes the perfect rolling hill in the summer. 

Grandpa helps me deadhead the flowers....

I didn't get out for as many walks as I envisioned...but I loved each morning that I did! 

A bit of inspiration of what is POSSIBLE - even in Alaska. 

Establishing routines to carry me through the seasons - winter is coming and I'm prepping to embrace it. I even bought a Happy Light this summer. 

Stacia loved cuddling with Jenna and Jeremiah James while I visited and putzed around with Elise. 

Careful readers may have noted schooling stopped. The girls worked through June on summer school and getting ahead for the upcoming year. Allie had a couple of more things she was catching up so she can move into her senior year strong. They worked HARD - without complaint.  We decided to break for July. It was a good call. This gave Allie's online school time to catch up with us, time for all to breathe....and be fully present at weddings, rivers, fish camp....and now August is beginning. 

It is unreal that July is over. WHAT?