Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Misawa Fact - SNOW

Snow? Jared wants snow???? {Me thinks he's forgotten what it is like to have to shovel snow before 8 in the morning.... ::snort:: Does he remember his two older brothers will not be on shovel duty with him? ::snort:: }

Typical snow flurry Misawa Japan Pictures, Images and Photos

The first snowfall in Misawa is usually near 7 November.

The last snowfall in Misawa is usually around 15 April.

{Jared's response: I'm thinking sledding, snow boarding...I'll be buff .}

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

The Thick of It

Yep, we're entering the thick of pursuing "overseas clearance" for the family.

I'd love prayers.....

  • Knowledgeable personnel with RIGHT answers (it's frustrating to get different answers)
  • QUICK paperwork
  • Patience for all
  • Specifically, please pray for Nolan to be released from speech. He's been working all year on one sound. The therapist has SAID she'd release him. Now it needs to happen.
  • Evidently, we have to have EACH of our children released from the Public School district for the family to accompany Mike to Japan. This is SILLY. When we went to AK, WE were allowed to fill out the form, as we know our kids and are the ones educating them. THIS time there is an insistence that it be filled out "by the school" which one????? AND it has an added question, "If you homeschool what program do you use"......honestly....I'm not sure HOW the Public Schools, who have never met our kids, can answer some of the questions on here.
  • UCI in less than two weeks on THIS will nice for it to be over...
  • The kids will need immunizations (as will I)...this is not happy talk...but worth it for Japan...however if they aren't going to clear us I'd rather not have the immunizations. ::snort::
  • Pray for the kids to WOW them and blow them away when they are interviewed. ::snort:: Maybe I'll have Zander take his Viking book. ::snort::
  • Passport appt first thing tomorrow a.m.
  • I need to pick up records and referrals all over town....please pray that I enjoy meeting all these people and specifically that I shower them with grace as I wait for paperwork. It honestly has been fun...but I am getting tired...and have I mentioned I'll be so glad when the UCI is over at base. (UCI - MONDO INSPECTION).
  • We really want to focus on school and house....but we have to focus on paperwork and such....peace, peace, peace. LOL

I've not even had time to upload photos today....or check for floor plans for base housing.....We will have to wait until we arrive to really know if we want base or off base housing.....pros and cons to both by what I'm hearing. One housing issue we DO know - we need to get this house ready to list.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

Iditarod Winner Expected This Afternoon....

Lance Mackey pulled out of the final checkpoint this a.m. He should reach Nome by noon...making this his third straight Iditarod win.

This puts him in a class with Susan Butcher and Doug Swingley - each having won three straight Iditarods.

{Didn't want anyone to think we'd totally abandoned our first love - Alaska - for Japan. ::snort::}

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.