Thursday, July 09, 2015

Referrals and Marathons

We got a referral in the system today for Michael to see a Neurologist who specializes in "movement disorders."  We do NOT want him diagnosed with Parkinson's Disorder, but given a few oddities with our current neurologist, we've lost confidence in him. We would like ideas on what IS going on.  They are looking for one at UC Davis or we shall see. It will be a while.

Michael had an appointment with a man who works in the VA. This is going to take a long time. Everyone has told us to rush on the claim, but the man today said NOT to turn it in until 1 Nov (day after Michael's official retirement date) so that EVERYTHING from active duty is in the claim.  This makes sense - just means we'll be in the area longer than we wanted to be. I wanted to be in Vermont in the fall. We will touch base with a VSO at Travis to be sure we've covered our bases.

I walked by the Japanese food in the commissary and teared  up. It's apparent  I'm sad about not being in Japan in July or in the near future.

In other news  Arielle and Yuuki slept. The girls and I watched a "Princess Diaries" marathon.

Stacia made three Crazy Cakes (Depression Cakes) for us and two for meals we're delivering tomorrow.

I helped by dumping flour all over the flour - I have the touch these days.

I continue to research states to decide which one we want to establish as our legal domicile. We think we've narrowed it to three - possibly two. LOL