Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Oral Surgeon Part 2

She's  a trooper. I'm not sure WHY this simple tooth extraction bled for hours beyond when Arielle's did....but we're glad her stubborn tooth is out and hoping the others will move into place quickly.

Arielle saw the Oral Surgeon today, too. She's cleared for moving. LOL

Medical Records and "Plans"

These are Michael's medical records - mostly double-sided. There are still a few things missing. This is keeping Michael busy.  He highlights conditions the VA has listed as qualifying for a disability claim, tabs the records, and lists the condition and page number on a front page.  Blog readers know Michael has outstanding referrals.  Our hope is to be able to submit the records to the VA on 1 Nov - his first official day as a retiree. His VA claim will not be fast tracked because we couldn't get the claim turned in while he is active duty. We are looking at anywhere from 1 -2 years of a wait for a determination.

What this means is we will be living in an RV longer than the 3 months we've been thinking. It will also impact our plans to find a way back to Japan - though we aren't sure at this point how. We'll have to determine what "stay close" means....does it mean "be back in two weeks for a meeting," or "be here in 24 hours."  Still searching for answers.

Our plan is what it's been for months, "Move into the trailer until we can work out details to get back to Japan."  It looks like it will take a bit longer than we expected. Michael and I plan to begin Japanese lessons from Arielle and Nolan's senseis (Hey Ryu and Kim).