Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Misc. Things

Zander attacks a snow ball
It's no secret we have always planned to find another dog to love after Beatrix died...but it's been hard to do here. We have been actively looking for over a year. We would like a Beagle and they are not cheap in Japan. We have almost gotten a shiba but we just aren't sure their reputation (cat-like dog) fits our boisterous and active, home all day family.....while we search, we adopted these fish from Kyle and Erika. 

Michael began to share how Erika swims right up to the glass and follows you when you go to feed her. She moves her flippers really fast and seems to get very excited.  Then Arielle began to teach her "tricks".  I suspect we need to either buy a dog from the states or get a shiba soon. LOL   I did find  a Beagle to dog-sit so we can see for ourselves if the breed will fit our family. We've heard all the bad things about the breed - but it sounds really similar to our beloved Beatrix. LOL
Erika  - assigned the personality of a dog by my family

See the hoop - they are teaching Erika to swim through it 
Helping Mom with Dinner 
Pretty proud of themselves....
My goal is to have two kids help me prep dinner each night. I used to do this. Recently, we've been content to let them rage around the neighborhood as dark comes so quick....but they need to learn to cook and I love the company..... 

An added bonus to Zander and Stacia helping is we learned Stacia LOVES peas. She ate all the "extra" peas from everyone else's plates. LOL 

Choosing Joy!
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