Thursday, November 11, 2021

Maybe Winter

I missed the Winter Advisory last night as I was out at Bible Study.  We woke this morning to several inches of snow...and it is still snowing. This wouldn't usually matter, except the girls were babysitting for a family whose daycare was closed today. 

We debated if this is still fall because - you know, the calendar - or if it is in fact winter. I decided it was a cold, crisp fall day. ::grin::

I was ready to settle down INSIDE when I got home. Millie was sad the girls were gone and moped by the door most the day. 

It continued to snow...when it reached 7 inches I admitted winter may have begun today......

Finding Dad's paper was a challenge. 

Valiant Fall Decor will stay in place until AFTER Thanksgiving. 

I "finished" the fall tree. We are happy to have this cheery accent piece in place. LOL 

I checked and we're currently at 11 inches of snow on the deck. If your measuring inches of snow while debating if it's fall or winter, you may live in ALASKA.