Saturday, July 18, 2020

Day 1 Fish Camp 2020

 It begins today! We are staying at Diamond M RV Ranch again. We know a bit more what to expect this time.  This is Krista's first year to dip-net. Josiah, Jamin, CoRielle and Alex are all with us.  We wondered how Benny would do on the beach - just fine! LOL  He's my fish bonking partner. 

Benny (20 months) and I 

Lazing on the beach Alaska style

Seesters - Krista's first....

Go, Benny! 

Seagulls are amazing

Krista is hooked

Willy, a friend from church, joined us this year. 

The waves are so exciting. 

Honey (Mama) and Benny

Helping untangle salmon. 



Shore crew - moves coolers, fish, nets up and down the beach

Benny & Arielle in the foreground
Josiah and Alex in the back 

After the fishing we spend time cleaning fish at camp. This is lots of fun and the first chance to rehash this year's fish stories. 


Willy, Cory, Jamin, Alex, Josiah

We've made a good start in filling the little freezer with salmon. 

Behind the scenes.... this is what is on under the's COLD in that water. This is actually the norm for Alaska Summer Fashion...shorts over leggings and thermal shirts. LOL 

The moment I realize what a difference losing 50 lbs will make on this trip. 

Sadly, looking back from the vantage point of 2022...I've gained 30 lbs of it back....but I'm learning a lot.