Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday Sights

Michael woke up too dizzy to sit, get up, or move around. This happens from time to time. His blood pressure goes low.  Doc says there is nothing to really take or do unless he is passing out.  He is too think safety and stay down when this happens. It usually clears in minutes to hours. He stayed home from church.  

After church the kids, Dad and I, Krista, BreZaak and Jonathan (a guest of CoRielle's and friends of both CoRielle and BreZaak) went out to DQ. 

We came home to lovely Sunday afternoon naps. When I woke, I viewed a very naked Benny outside our window. Now THIS isn't a sight I thought I'd see in my yard during my middle years. LOL 

I headed over to join the reading party in the hammocks. Such a fun place to read - though Stacia had fallen asleep. I have no clue where the photo I took disappeared to...from my phone to some odd spot online I'd guess.

Michael, Alex and I ran into Anchorage. Michael bought himself a table saw. 
Driving home it was impossible to note leaves are turning yellow and orange. Not a lot of them - but enough of them to signal a change. We were driving home at 9 p.m. and it was dusk - instead of bright sunlight.

Phoenix has been crowing at 4:30 every morning, this morning it was 5:30.

I may have to face reality fairly soon.

Dad's Moving

Dad has been visiting since June 8th. The days have been full and we've loved every minute  we've shared.  Our talks have shifted to his return to Oregon and finding the best date for Will and Sherri, as well as the best prices for a ticket to OR. We could tell Dad has been deep in thought.

Wednesday, everyone was out of the house except he, Michael and I.  We had been looking for a chance to discuss all the living arrangements available to him in the upcoming years.  He surprised us by cutting to the chase and saying he would like to move up here.

We told him we would love to have him here. Dad is the only grandparent our kids have left and we treasure any amount of time we have with him. Mom's absence still pains me...and it has been comforting to have Dad here.

Will, Nate and I have always been in agreement Dad should be the one to choose where he lives. We're all happy he will be staying with family.

We weren't sure when he would want to move up. Maybe next spring? No. He wanted to move up NOW...and so we want to make this happen before snow flies on the Alcan. We will be leaving the last week of August to drive to Oregon. We'll bring back things we have stored in Will's barn from both our mothers, and Dad's things.  Dad wants to make the trip with us both ways - we've suggested he fly one way...but I think he's gotten a bit addicted to our crazy adventures and doesn't want to miss any of the fun. Unfortunately, well be at Calvary over Labor Day weekend and many will be camping....but we'll leave to get back here the day after Labor Day.  At this point dad plans to drive back with us.

He has talked to grandkids in Oregon, his brother, best friend, friends in OR and the pastor of the church he has attended for 60 years.  Now he told me to , "Put it on Facebook."  And so - for internet consumption....

A rather fun confirmation involves Dad's primary care doctor. I called to see if we could have an appointment with her before Dad leaves and it would need to be the 30th - due to travel dates and the holiday.  She said, "Oh we moved his appointment to August 30th and was going to call you. " We're going to do our BEST to push through to OR by the evening of the 29th.

Dad is moving to Alaska. He will be living with us. Our empty nest has turned into a revolving nest or something. CoRielle sign for a house in 5 days...and hope to move in by the beginning of October. The girls will stay in the RV until they move. Dad will have Stacia's room.

We loved having 3 generations here. It was kick having 4 generations this summer. I was thinking 2 generations would seem a bit odd after the past couple of years we've lived...and I'm thrilled we are going to continue to have 3 generations around the place - a different 3 but still 3. LOL

I grew up in cultures where the norm was having multi-generations in a home. Japan is much like this as well....this feels natural and right to all of us.