Saturday, April 02, 2022

Together At Last

We were all excited for CyRi to visit today. We've not seen them in about a month. We've been busy being sick and recovering.  While Michael and Josiah burned a big pile of dead branches and such, Stacia and Livie made cake doughnuts! 

Livie, Stacia

They finished before the guys finished their job. Carrie suggested we check out the vendor sale in town.  The five of us gals set out to find a bit of fun. I found a birthday gift for Allie...and a garden pretty! I also decided I really need to begin saving for a Cricut. There are so MANY various machines that I'm stymied before I begin. 

Livie, bless her soul, told Papa she'd really like a fire in the fire ring! That's my girl! It was fun to connect around the fire ring. One thing we discussed is the possibility of meat chickens...not sure any of us want to handle the processing.  We did decide to order another couple dozen hens. 

Livie, Cy, Carrie, Michael 

Nolan has been sticking to his guns about his work schedule. He comes home no more than an hour after he is scheduled to be off and is getting caught up on college...AND he has just a bit of time to join us around the table for games or around the fire ring for discussion. Cy mentioned it had been months since he had seen Nolan. We all applaud Nolan's new boundaries. 
Allie, Nolan 

We have absolutely LOVED watching Carrie, Livie and Cy become a family. The lessons have been many, I'm sure, but they're all traveling the path with grace and love. Today, Livie learned, throwing snow on Dad's bald head may not be the best choice to make. 
Livie and Cy 📷by Carrie

Livie, Stacia, Allie 📷by Carrie

I bought this little flower for the garden - but it simply looks sad out there now! The ground it too frozen to drive a stake....

It was a wonderful day.  

Since I'm back posting.....I will go ahead and mention the day simply wasn't long enough for us. We suggested we all meet in Eagle River for lunch. Jamin and CyRi met us at our new favorite Asian spot and we continued the fun. We went over and toured Cy and Carrie's new house AND bought some supplies for a new home project at the ER Walmart. Great fun!