Saturday, August 16, 2014

Stacia is NINE!

It's finally HERE.

We've never had a child who enjoys her birthdays quite as much as Stacia! For a variety of reasons we stepped out of the "birthday racket"  quite a few years ago. We prefer small family parties over lots of chaos and whines and over-stimulation. We have had a few friend parties - usually in the birthday month and not on the day. Stacia LOVES her birthdays. She begins counting down months in advance - much like BreAnne with Christmas.

"Mom, my birthday is in 5 months, 29 days and a wake up!"

I am not quite so enthusiastic about this event.....

A few weeks ago I awoke to, "Mom, it's AUGUST!"

The girls have been trying to convince her all week that this is a leap year and we'd be skipping Aug 16th this year. She was in tears. I stepped in.

Today is 16 August 2014 and Stacia is NINE!

We're a Dave Ramsey family. We aligned our budget to match our doctrine. Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus. We have a $50 limit per child at Christmas. Their BIRTHDAYS are when we celebrate the gift THEY are to our family. We have a $100 limit. Stacia had quite a list of things she'd like for her birthday.....a sewing machine, a real phone, dolls, a kindle, a flute.....I explained we are a Dave Ramsey family (a man these kids know nearly as well as their uncles) and she admitted she knew she wouldn't get it all - but maybe one would be in budget.

We were helped this year by several factors. All the kids purchased their own gifts for Stacia. Stephanie, a local friend in the neighborhood, texted to say she had a sewing machine she wanted to sell before she moved. For $20 I had the number one item on Stacia's list. The kids got many of the other things...well - here - look.

Maya snuck this card to me last week at chapel
 Alex bought her a GIRL'S nerf pistol 
Nolan's love language is games and he found a great one that has add ons - with various Disney princesses.

We don't love Barbies - but Stacia has a few. She's asked for a Ken doll for years. We've not gotten her one. This year she pointed out to me that she likes to play games where they are a family and go on trips and it's VERY hard to have a family without a man. We support this reasoning. Arielle got her a Ken doll.  I tried to find a GI Joe doll - you know a man in a uniform instead of girly pants - but I couldn't find one like I remember as a child anywhere. 

Krista got her the set of Stacia's jaw as she contemplates this gift and what to do with it.....just like my grams. 
She found it incredibly funny Krista got her more fabric!
And more - at this point there were comments about the needle she'd broken on my machine.
Alex gave her another with a card that said, "Is it real?" It wasn't. An empty package wrapped to look like a gift. That'll preach!


Jamin purchased a Trac phone for the girls to use in Mexico. It wouldn't work it Mexico but has been activated.  Jamin told Krista to give it to Stacia from all the boys and Shelby in TX. This is the moment when she wonders is this a toy or REAL?  "I always knew I could count on my brothers," runs through her mind.  We heard a comment about "immigrants and natives" to the land of technology. It's odd that we have given birth to both. ::snort:: We had no plan of buying her a phone - but she plans to keep up the minutes....and  she informed us she'll use it to put all her older brothers and sisters in there and her grandparents - this way she can call when it works for her. ::snort::  She also told us she will be able to text. Again - I guess with so many older siblings out of the home this does make some sort of odd sense. 

Another jewelry set as she loves crafts
 She's been asking for a panda for years! We haven't been able to find one. Arielle found this one at Toys R Us and we couldn't resist. 

I bought Ken something other than his girly pants.
Stacia loves dolls. She's been saving to buy another American Girl doll - and has the money. BUT honestly - I have a hard time with spending so much money on ONE DOLL. I've noted she's not crazy to play with it either as she knows the when I saw Toy's R Us had 18 in dolls that she could afford to buy with her allowance....I bought with brown hair, glasses, and a sweet outfit that reminds us for BreAnne. LOL  She's thrilled and we stayed in budget.

Look at that face. It's priceless. Thank you so much, Stephanie! 
The planning of how to use Krista's material began in earnest.
Our game master explains the new set up to Stacia.
Earlier we made a cookie dough ice cream cake per Stacia's request
Happy Birthday sweetie - it's fun to share your excitement.

"Mom, 364 days and a wake up until my birthday!"

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...