Monday, November 30, 2020

Jesus - Day 1

Jesus - a common name, the transliteration of  the Hebrew name Joshua.  The name literally means "the LORD is salvation."

Tonight we compared the first Joshua - a courageous leader who fought battle after battle, leading thousands into the Promised Land...and Jesus - the second Joshua - who fought his epic battle alone, making way for us to enter God's presence. 

Jesus was born to save people from their sins.   

It wasn't the salvation Israel was looking for. Jesus' perspective is always bigger than mine. 

There are things about 2020 that have left me befuddled. I had expectations which have not be met. 

We were asked to consider what expectations we have of Jesus this Advent season. He may meet my expectations - he may not. But in all I am confident he every relationship, illness, financial woe...Jesus saves as we let Him be our savior in the midst of the right now moments of our lives. 

Unwrapping the Names of Jesus by Asheritah Ciuciu is the Advent Devotional our family is journeying through this month. 

BTW our countdown only has 24 days on it...and Advent begins before Dec we're camping out in the first spot for a few nights. LOL