Friday, January 15, 2016

#WYFF - Living Present

Stacia gave me this canvas.  I love it - and it serves as a great morning reminder to live each  day fully engaged and intentional.

Today, living present, with intention, involves the mundane - but the mundane done exceptionally.
Yes, I've started and will master this pesky alphabet! 

As I work on laundry I can blog, work on hiragana and breathe a bit. I can also check in with my online Bible study group. I've done all.

We have finished two weeks of school again this week....while we schooled...Michael has worked on a Parenting seminar. He has taken material from a workshop I've previously done for women and added a "Father's" view point, his own material and I like the way it's all coming together.  I think we'll be presenting it in May....but maybe it was April? I'll need to change the slides as they are geared towards PWOC and women. LOL 

All in all - a good week. A bit of a boring week - but a productive week.  We like the way our Sabbatical is shaping up. We are finding our rhythm.

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