Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pedicures, Crafts and Cookies

I woke up this a.m. and decided we simply had to have a bit of fun while Krista was here.

I was a bit worried we wouldn't be home in time to meet the S family - but we made it. We spent the afternoon with Rachel, Krista and I working on little surprises for the Fall Rally. I learned both Rachel and Krista are OCD.

At some point in the afternoon Arielle asked if the kids could make cookies. This was a great idea for the kids and us....not such a good idea for Arielle. Cookies are really not the bland fare that Arielle needs to be eating.

Joys a big helper!
 Rachel must not make cookies for the kids very often.....which is a good thing. Joy looked at the dough and said, "DEEE- Scusting!"
The boys didn't share her feelings
Zach and Nathan are pros!

Kissable Seth
It was a fun afternoon for the kids. We had been trying to get together for several weeks.  We got a lot done for the Rally too. ::wink::

Choosing Joy!
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