Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Another Day in Court

I have spent an hour looking for the "right" photo to start this post - something just right. I took a photo in court which I think is quite artistic, doesn't show anyone's face, the light is good - but there is a concern one is not supposed to take photos in court.  Oops - there weren't any signs. 

In the end - THIS is who the day was about. Taking steps closer to some sort of earthly justice for Josiah. I know without a doubt there is, and will be, ultimate justice. 

We were not surprised when discovery was not declared complete today.  We knew it was highly unlikely all the evidence would be gathered. Everyone is working hard to get all the pieces in place, no one wants a mistake, or miss a technicality which could cause trouble later on. 

Sitting in the courtroom is like having a Band-Aid ripped off a wound which is just starting to heal...a tender scab - far from a is taking steps to get life on track again and....RIPPPPP.... 

 No, I did not make a scene in court. Yes, I winced and teared up...It all feels so be sitting in court hearing our SON discussed in the same breath as medical examiners and trial dates. I do believe everyone had much the same reaction.

These early court dates are like a cattle call. Many are given the same window of time; we all show up; they call one case after another and do the lawyerly thing...the judge is always gracious and asks which case we are here for and moves us to the front of the line.  This helps to clear the limited seating for everyone else.  He always thanks us for attending. Our DA was in court today and is taking the lead going forward. She asked to talk to us after court and discussed the process of the case going forward. We were able to ask questions and get a sense of how she sees things moving along.  It was a good day. No big surprises, discovery continued to May 1st... it is always just a bit ouchy. 

Please note, we are going to be extra-careful; we are not prohibited from talking about facts of the case online, but we are going to simply err on the side of caution and not discuss facts of the case or guesses as to what may or may not happen etc. We do not want any of our words to come back and be used against justice for Josiah in court. 

Before we drove to Anchorage, we stopped at Bre's and dropped Dad off to spend the day with her and the kids. He was excited the kids wanted a play date with him. Bre said they had a good day. I know HE had a blast and was ready for bed when he got home. LOL 

Annie was waiting for Pretty Princess to be played...and Jojo was quite impressed with GG's beard. 

Jojo, GG and Annie

Nolan and Alex live next door to BreZaak which made it convenient to bring them along for the drive to Anchorage - which we did. 

After court we grabbed a meal with everyone who was there, and then we branched off and visited Costco's new Business Center store. It was the most convenient for us, and we can get much of what we needed...unfortunately quite a few items I wanted were NOT at the business center.... I'll be looking for a chance to zip to Anchorage again for the rest of the items on the shopping list. We'll go to one of the "regular" Costcos. 

I'll leave you with these sweet photos - because this day was about taking steps towards justice for Josiah, Carrie, Livie and Josi.  We're so proud of Carrie for taking this trip with the girls - I know it means much to her family in FL for her and the girls to visit. 

Can you think of a more fitting commentary than Josi's to end the day? 

1. Dad had a great day with Bre and children. He also had dinner with them so when Michael and I got home we could simply relax. 

2. The DA took quite a bit of time to talk with us today. 

3. Spending the day with Nolan and Alex, Jamin, Jared and Krista is a treat - regardless of how we spent it. 

4. We can begin to see discovery being complete and moving on to another phase.