Thursday, May 31, 2018

7 Week Chicks

It's 9 p.m. 

I looked out the window and the chickens were all in the coop. They ran out as soon as they heard me. I set up a chair and thought it would be a good time to capture some photos. They are 7 weeks old here. 

The one with the crest is an Easter Egger and a Red is in front
The Red is Lucille Ball 
 They all seem to have a need to peck at the holes in my crocs.

The crocodile offends them most. 
Helga stands guard...she switches off with Olga.

Rosie Proudfoot of the furry feet

I thought it rude to just shove them in the coop. It was good Michael came out to move them along, I could have been waiting until mid-night. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Projects Continue

Helga (the white hen) turns out to be Heinrich.....we discover in a few weeks. 

Our first wildflowers! 

We found this little evergreen. Nolan and I transplanted it to the front. Building that privacy fence. 

I found my rain boots - which are my garden (manure) and chicken boots now. The only problem being the chickens LOVE to peck at the PINK dots. 

Stacia and I pulled weeds, hauled dirt and planted sunflowers here and there and everywhere. 

This seems to be the sweet spot for the woods...they are green enough to provide privacy from the road and neighbors....but not so green that they are over-powering. LOL 
The moose have been eating these trees. We haven't seen them for a bit of time, but they're here. We really hope Mama moose does not have her baby in our yard. We have things to do.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Just Keep Working

The chickens love melon! 

The guys kept working on cementing posts, now that the holes were dug. 

You'll have to see the video (which I've yet to publish) to get the import of THIS statement: Stacia and I worked on hauling dirt and manure to  the first garden plot. We dug the dirt from the side of a hill. 

We all rested well at the end of the day. All a bit frantic as June is approaching and the garden spots aren't ready; the fence isn't up and the trees are planted. The moose may be just around the corner.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day 2018 or Building an Orchard Part 2

The kids all came over for lunch at 2 p.m. We were still working on getting our money out of the power auger before it had to be returned. This was a big project....

Alas, it's since dried up and fallen off, but we had the start of fruit. LOL 

Jamin and Josiah dug post holes and holes for planting trees. 

Bella was interested. 

Others visited. 

Bella (2) and Benny (6 1/2 months) 

Benny and Lassie come to an understanding of some sort...

The older ones all had to leave for a softball game in Anchorage. The boys, Michael, Izaak and I worked late into the night.  We shored up some trees, and began the cementing process for the posts.

It was a full day, but in the end we were ready to take the auger back on time and we were done with the job we needed it for. Score.

Dad and Mom G

Kathy sent us these photos from Fort Logan National Cemetery. 

It's been six years at Father's Day. The ache is still acute. There are times I need to simply hear one of Dad G's stories. We still share many of them with each other. Michael puts it best. Over and over there are times he just wishes he could discuss this or that with Dad. 

Feb 2017, Mom G joined Dad in heaven, and then,  at Fort Logan. She is buried in the same plot as Earl and we were allowed to have her information inscribed on the back of his tombstone. 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Tis the Season and Building an Orchard - Part 1

When our sleepy town has traffic jams. The parking lots fill with rented Class C's. Tour buses clog the intersections, and parking lots at rivers. 

It truly is spring time in Alaska. 

Michael rented a power auger to dig the fence posts of our moose fence in. Jamin and Jared decided to come out and spent a couple of hours helping us. We knew the fence wouldn't be done, but it's a start.

Click below to view clips from the day...building an orchard

Saturday, May 26, 2018

One Saturday in May

There is so much to get done in our short spring/summer here in Alaska. I find it hard to snatch time to blog or edit videos. We work all day (sometimes until midnight), and then fall into bed to repeat the next day. We are enthusiastic in our effort to "work" now, so we can "play" when the salmon begin to run. 

In an effort to make progress," I am not going to edit photos - just post and go. 

May 26th - and the chicks are still timid about the great outdoors. 
Note Olga the guard of the chicken house

The garden plot is our main agenda today. Benny is a great cheerleader...though some of us are fairly distracted by his cuteness.
Benny - six months old

Benny and Arielle
 Izaak had the day to help....the tilling often had to stop as they  pulled long lengths of  rope from the ground. Our guess is the previous owners fed their horses here and simply dropped hay bales and cut the rope - letting it stay where it lay.....and so....
Nolan, Michael & Izaak 

We also worked on the compost and burn piles. Nolan manned the fire a good portion of the day. 
Nolan and Izaak finally "helped" the chicks out to the run and shut the doors behind them. Our hope is they will get used to it an hour or so at a time. 

Stacia decided it was a good day to work inside. She cleaned, helped me move transplants and learned how to make doughnuts. Everyone proclaimed her experiment a great success. 

Jared and Larissa stopped by late afternoon. We always enjoy unexpected visits.  We ended the day with s'mores around the fire. 
Stacia and Bre

Nolan and Benny


Nolan, Benny, Arielle - Cory was at work 

Yes, I was in the manure in crocs.  I soaked my feet. 

Midnight in the Valley

You may enjoy more details by viewing the video below from our You Tube channel.