Saturday, September 22, 2018

Termination Dust, Family & Rainbows

This morning, while driving Nolan to work, we noticed termination dust on "our" mountain range! This first dusting of snow signals the end of summer. I ignored the dying of the fireweed - it wasn't dead EVERYWHERE.  I cannot deny the termination dust on the top of our mountains.

I love the fall colors with the approaching snow in the background. We need to get out with the cameras and get some photos before a wind storm blows all the color away. 

I realize we totally went off line for June, August and September. As this is a family JOURNAL, I will figure out a way to "catch up." Summers in Alaska are frantically manic. We work and play hard and long - knowing  in a few short months shorts days and snow will return.

Currently, we are adapting to our new school year, a new year of ministry with our church, and new work out and study routines. We are harvesting the garden, getting the girls ready for winter, splitting wood and planning other projects we MUST finish before winter arrives.

I dug out the candles this morning - viva la fall. I am no longer in denial.

As long as I am blogging, I may as well share today's adventures. Jamin called early to see if any of us wanted to accompany him, Jared and Josiah to hike Hatcher's Pass. We would have. We've been wanting to get back up there.....but Michael had a couple of loads of wood scheduled to arrive  and would need help unloading it and stacking it. We countered with an invite to come over for dinner after the hike.

It turns out they got lost and ended up hiking most of the Mat Peak Trail - very near us indeed. ::wink:: They came off the mountain and arrived at our house. We had salmon, potatoes, quinoa and lots of laughter. We hadn't seen the boys since Stacia's birthday, August 16th. It was good to re-connect. 
Jamin, Nolan, Jared, Stacia, Josiah, Michael 
The evening was capped with a gorgeous rainbow (which turned double) over our mountain. It's a special blessing to sit around the table with loved ones and be treated to such a view.

No termination dust on the mountain seen from our dining room yet. Maybe I can deny the end of summer just a tad bit longer. ::snort::