Monday, March 13, 2017

March Birthdays

Michael, Josiah and the gherkins spent most the day playing Dominion. 

We  took time to dream about the future - collectively and individually. 

BreZaak and Bella stopped by for a bit between their various appointments. I get too busy playing with Bella to grab photos when they are around. This must stop. 

This evening Arielle, Mom, Dad and Lorri dropped by. BreZaak had another meeting and Cory got called in to work - ON HIS BIRTHDAY. 

We  all got together to celebrate Cory and Grandpa's birthday. Cory's is today and Grandpa's is Wednesday.  Alas, one of our birthday men were missing. πŸ˜• We enjoyed dinner, cake, and night.....glad to have a house to invite people too. We'll move back into the motorhome in a week and a half.