Monday, May 28, 2012

Bucket List

Bucket list? WHAT bucket list?  Jared has a few places he wants to revisit or things he wants to do  before he leaves Japan.

We thought we'd do one of them today, canoe on Lake Towada....but it was too cold. We all lost our motivation and spent a lazy day at home instead.
  • Got up early to try a video Skype with Michael's parents - too many glitches - we'll try again tomorrow. 
  • Skyped with Jamin - a fun and rare treat to catch either he or Josiah at home. 
  • Too cold and wet to go to the Gorge and lake. 
  • Michael took the older 3 children to see The Avengers. Nolan and Jared watched it yesterday and loved it. He'll see if Zander should see it and if so, maybe I'll go watch it. 
  • "Zander, you and I should have a PAC meeting." The words of a child raised around the chapel. LOL 
  • "Zander, we've watched Hogan's Heroes for 100 nights." 
  • "Stacia if that were true you'd be old like Dad now."  Just sayin. 
  • Starting to plan a trip to fit between the day I return from PWOC trainings and before Jared leaves for the states. LOL
  • Caught up on blog reading while the olders and Mike went to the movie and the youngers watched a movie beside me. 
  • Considering a dynamic view for the blog...really should work on printing some more of the blog out....should get caught up before we retire. 
Hmmm....searching for a graphic for bucket list, I realized I have done a lot of things on others' bucket lists.  I'm also wondering if a bucket list should be things you dream about doing that aren't based in reality or some goals which MAY be attainable..... realistic to strive for.....thinking I may need to create a bucket list of things to do before know...kick the bucket! LOL  I think I'll start small with a Japanese Bucket List....

Choosing Joy!
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