Monday, September 29, 2008

Photobucket Monday - huh! Imagine that - another Monday....

Let's see.....I didn't make it to the gym because with Jared gone there is one less adult to help juggle schedules with littles. I'll go tomorrow.

I did get a lot of WORD STUDIES finished this a.m. - BEWARE THE WORD STUDIES (just a warning for my PWOC ladies). ::snort::

Nolan had speech. I continue to closely observe the various classes that come into the library during this time. Today the librarian told her second class that you have to be a "legal citizen and 21" to vote....I wonder if I should tell her that isn't quite right....I also wonder if I should tell her that Hillary Clinton was NOT the first female to attempt to win a major parties nomination???? Any of you care to guess who was the first female to run for her party's nomination? She obviously didn't make it - and it was decades ago.

We zipped through some more school...studying Islam this week...and voting. We had a good look-see at an absentee ballot today from the state of Alaska.

AH - the big news is that the new AK plates for the Toyota have arrived. I'm excited. I think folks like AK drivers better around here...or maybe I'm a bit zippier in the Corolla - but I'll be happy to have my AK plates. LOL

I spent a LOT of time getting 3 weeks of produce co-op and one month's organic co-op finances ready to deposit...only to discover the bank closes at 4:00 p.m. LOL

Nothing exciting...but it WAS rewarding....and I miss Jared. I can't find any photos yet on the website....

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Moms of Many Exercise Challenge Weekly Fitness Goals (click button for more info)

Here's my Moms of Many Exercise Challenge update.


Monday - 60 min AMT (670 cal), 8 min on bike (35 cal) - total 68 minutes - 705 cal
Tuesday - 65 min AMT (745), 9 min bike (39 cal) - total 74 minutes - 784 cal
Thursday - 25 min ellip (245 cal), 40 min AMT (445 cal) - total 65 minutes - 690 calories
Friday - 20 min famil walk - 100 cal
Saturday - 20 min AMT (250 cal); 40 min bike (205 cal) - total 60 minutes - 455 calories

Weekly Totals -287 minutes/2734 calories

Weight -

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PhotobucketA Couple of Things....

I have felt a strong call to prayer for our nation and all the candidates running for various offices in November. It has been such a strong call that I'm quite sure I'm not alone....however....I thought this a.m. I'd mention it....remember, the Bible calls us to pray for our leaders and for those in authority over us. Pray as you are led. I know that I've been led to pray for safety of all our Presidential candidates, among other things.

If you have hotmail and have not received emails you are expecting from me - I'm clueless! Hotmail is returning all emails I send out as undeliverable. If anyone cares to share how I could fix the problem on my end - I would.

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