Monday, July 16, 2012

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

This museum (or 2 museums really) is FANTASTIC. There is also a theater and water park which we didn't even enter. LOL

We took advantage of a tour in both the aviation and the space museum. This really gave us a good overview. We each explored various spots of interest afterwards.

A kit - and a possible retirement project

Zander got really interested in all the planes and space....

Spruce Goose engine to the top right of kids

Gas at .13 a gal

Actual nosecone from one of the rockets

Titan - provided by Vandenberg AFB 

Roy rightfully pointed out I neglected to get a photo of the Spruce Goose...but I found some online....the kids really liked the beach balls he had in case of crashing.....still full of 1940's LA air....

This was a VERY COOL museum - see the Goose? 

This evening I began to think of all the "work" that I planned to get this month before this unexpected trip....which led me to think of all the people I miss in Misawa...which led to the revelation that MANY of them have moved in the 5 weeks since I've been in Misawa and I missed saying goodbye...which led to tears...and to thinking of the "3 boys" who are in TX....and Dad G finishing his race well...and Mom G alone in CA.....which led to me simply bucking up. This is the way it is right now.  Things won't always be so unsettling.  And then we saw this.......and I laughed....and pushed the sad thoughts away for another day.
Electric Car recharging station 

Choosing Joy!
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