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When God Writes Your Love Story - Eric & Leslie Ludy

"If you're looking for practical ways to build a God-honoring relationship, you can't afford to miss this book." Drs. Les & Leslie Parrot

This is not simply "another courtship" book. It's not a book about dating. It's not just "another love waits" book. I'm not saying those books or ideas are wrong. We HAVE read a lot of those types of books in our home...and many of them to tend to become a list of do this and don't do this...and miss the aspect of giving your HEART to Jesus. They don't MEAN to do that, but if not careful you begin to follow an author's list and timeline, rather than learning to follow Jesus' voice in your relationships. {BTW, this is one reason that I weary of many self-help books.} This IS a book about submitting all areas of ones life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

The authors share their "dating experiences" (tastefully) which led them both to "turn the pen over to God" and let him "write their love story". Years, later the meet and marry.

I LOVE the fact that this book does not focus on a list of dos and don'ts that are supposedly going to "assure" purity. It focuses on the heart and a relationship with Jesus. Following the teaching in this book would not in any way harm a person if they were to remain single all their lives. They write about respecting and loving your future mate NOW before you may even know him/her.

The book is divided into five sections: desiring a love story, preparing for a love story, waiting for a love story, sweetening a love story and discovering a God-written love story.

The only thing I've not liked so far about this book is one of the examples. ::snort:: Leslie shares that every night as she drifts off to sleep, she gets thirsty. She explains that she can't get out of bed and Eric runs and gets her a drink every night. She presents this as an example of unconditional love. I can't help laughing as a vetran of 25 years of marriage. I think to myself, "Can't ONE of you remember to place water bottles beside the bed BEFORE you go to bed"?

I thought it would be fun for Valentine's Day to offer a giveaway for singles. I KNOW how hard it can be to go against our culture's pull. I have daughters in their 20's who are allowing God to write their love stories. It's not always easy. I believe this book by Eric and Leslie will be encouraging. I must admit after reading so MANY marriage self-help books to review and giveaway this week, I found myself thinking, "YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN NEED TO LEARN ABOUT THIS BEFORE THEY ARE MARRIED." That reminded me ofthis book.

When God Writes Your Love Story is written from both Eric and Leslie's perspectives. I think men or women would enjoy it.

If you are single (or have a youth you'd like to enter) and are interested in winning a copy of this book, please leave a comment. We will chose a winner on Monday 16 Feb. I'll need a way to contact you. If I don't know you - do note if you are a single or the parent of a youth. I'd like to give singles/youth who enter priority. If you are still in high school, please do check with your parents and see if they would like you to have this book. I would have no trouble with my high school age young men reading this book...but that's OUR FAMILY. I have not read the entire book. I have read the first nine chapters. BTW my girls can enter this one too, if they'd like. My boys can read my copy. ::snort::

This is on my 2009 Reading List.

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Murder Trac and other Such Glimpses

Life is falling into a routine around here. The kids are sleeping later as they're all in various stages of illness. The ones who got if FIRST are TIRED and BORED of being home (Nolan, Zander). They are still coughing. Jamin got it last; he slept most the day with a fever.

Since we cancelled piano today.....I had time to print out booklets for a Viking lapbook that the younger boys want to do. We read a bit extra in school. I moved the blog look to a more seasonal look until Jamin's birthday - I think. I proofed some forms I'd submitted to a website.

Murder Trac? Ah.....Are you ready for this? Zander showed Mike the "stuff" in the back of the van. He told him he wasn't sure what it was called. Mike said, "Nordic Trac". Zander sagely responded, "Ooooh, a Murder Trac!" I think he may be on to something. I'll let you know when we try it out. ::snort::

Zander telling Krista Mom is adopting a baby

The obligatory sick shot...but he's trying not to laugh. That's a thermometer.

Neighbor's fence didn't withstand the 62 mph wind...and that'll preach. I know it will....probably fairly soon...maybe next Tuesday. LOL

Poor Arielle just came to ask for something for a cough. I'm off.
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Zander's Prayers

Is it Kosher to laugh at a child's prayers? I smile big and try my best NOT to laugh until later.

I DID ask Zander if I could share his couch time prayers from yesterday and today on Facebook and the blog. He asked me if God were on the blog and Facebook - and after we settled that issue - he agreed that I should go ahead and share his prayers wherever God may be to hear them.

Yesterday - Zander has been praying for months that we'd have another baby. He's not getting an answer as quickly as he usually does and so has changed his prayer. He's now praying that we adopt a baby. He's going so far as to tell others, "Guess what?!?!!! Mom is going to adopt a baby." This from a boy who 4 years ago caused a therapist to tell me, "I'm concerned that he refuses to interact socially." I'm more concerned these days that he DOES interact socially - with anyone he sees. ::snort::

Today - "God, please send us to Paris. Little boys like me would like that a lot better than San Antonio." I couldn't help laughing. He looked at me and said, "Mom, don't YOU think Paris would be better than San Antonio?"

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I Do Again - Cheryl & Jeff Scruggs

Blog Tour & Giveaway

The focus of I Do Again is God's might power to save and restore - even in the most difficult situations.

Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs appeared to have the "perfect marriage", the "perfect family" and successful careers. In reality there were rifts in their marriage that eventually ended in adultery and divorce.

During this time in their lives, both Cheryl and Jeff turned to God. They began to realize that HE was to be the focus of their lives. God gave Cheryl a vision of reconciliation. Seven years after their divorce, they stood together and said, "I do," again. This book is an amazing story of what marriage is meant to be, God's redeeming power (both in personal lives and in marriages) and the power of forgiveness.

This story is real. You may find yourself offended at points of the tale...but through the sin, shines God great grace and glory.

Publisher's Note: I Do Again details the fascinating real-life story of a couple whose relationship seemed shattered beyond all hope until a spiritual awakening led them to reconsider their definitions of “happily ever after.” A riveting account of the power of prayer and redemption, this remarkable book offers renewed hope for even the most troubled marriages—and reveals why the rewards of restoration are well worth the wait.

Leave a comment in the contact section if you would like to win a copy. Please be sure I can contact you. We'll draw a winner MONDAY 16, Feb. You'll have one week to respond with your address after being notified that you have won.

This book is part of my 2009 Reading List.

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