Friday, September 19, 2014

Pizza and Games at the Gherkins!

Joyful Thoughts
1. Cooler temps
2. Great ladies with which to discuss Good books
3. Pizza and Games with the Gherkins
4. Friends who feel at home enough for me to greet them with sunglasses at 6:00 p.m.

We are incredibly happy to see the prediction of cooler temps....and we're bemused that 90's are now "cooler temps." A year ago 70's were "high temps."

We thought it was an overcast day and waited for the rain for a few hours. THEN we realized the gray clouds were due to the King Fire and not forthcoming rain. We are praying for rain. These photos were taken by a friend from her base house.
Courtesy of Britney's camera

Cynthia is behind the camera

This morning began by meeting with a few PWOC women to discuss Not a Fan. I really liked this book and have written about it before. . I do know some find him to "hard hitting," but, honestly, this is a message many churches miss. If we are making "converts," but not "disciples" or "fans" and not "followers," we are NOT fulfilling the mission in which Jesus calls us to invest.  I am thankful that PWOC Page Turners allowed us to discuss this one as a group - I know the norm is Christian fiction.

I ran to the Papa's after book club. It IS once again "Pizza and Games at Gherkins" night (otherwise known as Friday).  They were GREAT to me. Threw in an extra pizza - that's customer service. By this time my migraine was kicking into gear for Day 3 and I wasn't really "sharp." THEY remembered that I didn't want cheese on the gourmet vegan pizza. Goldie mentioned a local take and bake - Pops - in Linda or Lincoln. I'll have to check them out.

I  managed a nap...and felt little guilt over no longer making pizza each week. I did feel nostalgic. The truth is the family really likes WHITE crust pizza better than my homemade, whole grain pizza....but maybe we'll begin to slowly bring it back. It was FUN to watch Jamin work the dough and work together to create our favorites in year's past.

By the time our guests began to arrive I was wearing sunglasses (migraine), pizzas were baking, salad was made, watermelon cut, infused water infusing.....

Tonight we invited a few younger families to join us. We invited family's of four deployed spouses over and one young neighbor we've been meaning to invite for a year.....which had the added bonus of a MAN in the mix  - male bonding.  I also had a brief discussion with Goldie earlier in the week and wanted to get to know her better. I'm glad she joined us. We'll get her family next time.  I think I caught everyone in at least one shot....

Liza and Arielle were great help with the young girls

There's Kelsey (adult) - had her wisdom teeth out Monday but brought her girls out


Another youth - thought he could evade me

De, Steph, Adam & Tim, Goldie, Cynthia and Hollie
There's my boyfriend. After Tim went home, the women had girl talk in the living room and he joined the youth. The girls seem REALLY impressed with his instruction. ::snort::

It was a fun night. We're brainstorming for the next "group"  - maybe we'll just do "random fruit basket" next week. Michael says he thinks there's "something" next week so maybe we'll be out and not in next week.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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