Friday, December 19, 2014


The kids joined me at Page Turners (PWOC's Book Club) this morning. We went to a new to us diner in Wheatland.  The owner was very friendly - even though we took two of her tables. We did order meals - which we usually don't.....and I was happy to give her business. I always feel a bit "guilty" keeping a table for drinks.

ANYWAY - four ladies met to discuss A Christmas Carol and five children ate and listened in from time to time.  I enjoyed the discussion. I enjoy any time I can spend with friends and it was fun to make a new friend today too.  I must say that these ladies are sharper than I...but that's o.k. they love me anyway. LOL

Cynthia and I left the book club to go by base and pick up Jerry and Desiree's children and Pat (Desiree's Mom). We had a fun afternoon. We went to see  "Night at the Museum 3" and then we stopped by Brock's Ice Cream Parlor.  The movie was good. I hear the ice cream was good.  I enjoyed meeting and visiting with Pat.

Please continue to pray for Desiree. Remember, she is my local friend who is pregnant and had to have a double mastectomy. Yesterday, they received some of the pathology reports back. It is good that it is not in her lymph nodes. However, she does have Stage 2 cancer. She will not be able to avoid radiation during this pregnancy. She'll see an oncologist in January. She will have radiation after the baby is born. Please continue to pray for this dear family - for Desiree and Baby O especially.

After dropping of the kids, Pat and Cynthia....I checked my phone. Michael had been trying to reach me.

Michael's eldest brother, Mike, has had brain cancer. Yesterday morning he passed away. He is pain free and at peace...we are sad. Please pray for his wife Paula and their daughters.  And since I'm updating on prayer requests - please continue to pray for our grand-nephew Dom, Michael and his brother Earl.

Several have asked about a Mike the Elder and Mike the Younger. They use to be Big Mike and Little Mike until Little Mike grew to be taller than Big Mike.  Michael is the  last child of  his father's second marriage. They had not run out of names by the time he was born...they decided to name him with the names of Earl's other two sons to let them know they are still connected and loved by Earl. So, my Michael carries the names of his brothers.

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