Thursday, February 20, 2020

Snowy Play Date

Yikes! Look at our driveway! Snow on ice...

Stacia and I began a new Bible study. We're working through the Beatitudes together. We were ready for something new and she wanted to work on a Bible passage.  This is a time-saver for me as it is what Bible Babes (an online group) and Gather women (our local church ministry) are also doing. I can prepare once and share 3 times. We ended up at Sophia's at lunch time. We'll be sure to aim for breakfast from now on...much more conducive to private conversations.

We were barely home when we heard a sweet voice coming in the front door....Benny came to play at Baachan and Papa's.  Here he is at the back door....letting in the snow. LOL He was quite impressed with the snow.

Our yard is covered with fairly fresh snow. We haven't had the snow machines running or any snow shoeing etc....and so we played. We SUNK... deep... Arielle taught Benny to "wiggle, wiggle" when his boot gets stuck in the snow. It's much better than panic. 

I found it quite funny, as I continued to sink up to my thighs, to hear Benny say, "Baachan! Wiggle, wiggle."

Of course I was flat on my tush when he said it and all the wiggling in the world didn't help. Once one is off their feet, they really need help to get back up in this mess.

We discovered Kimber LOVES to chase snowballs! She gets very excited and dives nose first into the snow. She can't seem to figure out what happens to them. LOL

Go Kimber....
We packed and smashed the snow down and made our way over to the swings.

Look - new moose tracks! Deep. 

Stacia packed down the snow and made a little "jump" off the hill of dirt we'd been digging from this summer. Everyone loved going off the jump.

Kimber mostly loved jumping UP the jump.  

These three made for a fun play date. I was happy Arielle and Benny came over. It was just what Stacia and I needed. 

Can you see Benny's face?  

Benny was suitably impressed with our snowman. 

When we were too wet to enjoy anymore fun in the snow, we came inside for hot chocolate. Autumn had given us a lemon cookie at Sophia's and so we split it four ways....well Benny and I had a tiny bite and the other two split it. LOL 

It was a great afternoon. I had just enough time to get sloppy joe meat off the canning shelf and make a quick dinner, clean up, before lifers (Life Group members) began arriving. 

It was one of those picture-perfect days. It was another NSV (non-scale victory) for me. I am off the sidelines...not watching from the deck. Yesterday, I sled with Stacia. Today, I sunk with Benny.  AND my snow pants fall off my tush - another NSV.