Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Millies No Good Terrible Horrible Day

Our Millie girl got spayed today. I know we waited much longer than many of you do and did it sooner than many of you...we're happy with Stacia's decision. Millie - maybe not so much. 

We could hear high-pitched whining and "complaining" when we arrived back at the vet this afternoon. As we waited, I leaned over and told Stacia, "I think that's your Millie." 

Sure enough...our drama queen was very sedated but quite willing to let everyone know she was unhappy with the circumstances. 

Being Doggie Mama is hard work 

We were happy to keep the cone off Millie, but she began to want to lick and bite at her incision. She was highly offended by the cone. She acted like it made her head too heavy to hold up. 

She does love the attention. They said she should be a couch potato for two weeks. They want her to lie around, not jump on and off furniture, not catapult at visitors...we're trying, but she may need the third sedative. We'll see. 

Stacia and Millie have gone to bed. Hoping tomorrow is a bit easier of a day for both.