Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sixth Day of Christmas

This has been a fantastic day! I got up early and had an hour to sit with Jesus before making a double batch of muffins. As they cooled, I went for a 30 min walk.  Walking in the door and seeing these two makes any day wonderful....Cy (26) and Krista (27) were our "twins" until Cy hit puberty - then everyone thought he was much older. LOL
Mom has been watching Acey Deucy and played a couple of games with Nolan this morning.

Jared has a birthday on the 4th and will be 21. This means there is "paperwork" we need to do to keep him listed as a military dependent (i.e. cheap insurance).  Jamin (24) purchased Tricare Young Adult. Tricare said he needed a military i.d. to visit the doctor.....I took the two of them to visit DEERS. Turns out you can get a military id for kids over 21 who are still on Tri-care which will allow only clinic visits.  BUT I had the 1172 for Jared but not for Jamin. And, of course, "I" can't sign Jamin's 1172. We were half successful and at least know how to get the id for Jamin next week. LOL

We also visited the BX and Commissary before coming home. This was happening at home.....

Dad needed a bit more medicine, after a talk with the doctor Mom, Krista and I headed to Walmart Pharmacy....

Walking into the home and seeing THIS is alarming. LOL Yep, whenever we get together it calls for a Nerf Battle. LOL
Jamin, Jared and Izaak charging Zander....
Zander attacks - he's behind the duct tape shield....Nolan offers support
I helpfully told them if anyone broke a bone I was not leaving the house again and they'd have to crawl to urgent care. ::snort::
Cy and BreAnne

 Team One
Cy, Nolan, Bre, Zander, Arielle
 Team Two
Krista, Jared, Jamin, Izaak - Stacia was an ammo girl

I've been taking meal requests and I'm thankful for the industrial sized pans which I haven't purged yet. LOL  We've had roast, Chicken Pot Pie/Veggie Pot Pie, Chicken Divan and tonight BBQ meatballs. We are going through a phenomenal amount of produce - and that makes me happy. ::snort::

Zander and Izaak enjoy a retro game
Stacia is in 7th heaven with this full and busy house!  Bre reads The Candymaker's Gift
A priceless moment as Bre reads an OLD family book - The Princess and the Kiss - to the younger girls....
...while the Prince she gave her kiss to stands behind.

After dinner seven of us soaked in the tub. The kids taught G'pa Phase 10.
Zander has been watching Izaak's video game

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...